About Us

Littleacre Products is a family owned business,manufacturing practical, affordable, livestock and pet housing, located in the Midlands and established in 1992.

From a few original designs the range has expanded, over the years, to 60 plus products and variations. Some of the most popular models today have evolved from those original designs being improved and tweaked, year on year, often as a result of customer feedback and helpful suggestions that we always welcome.

Littleacre Products is probably best known for their Chicken Coops and Houses.

After over 25 years of manufacturing we like to think we may be getting something right.

Quite early in production a build method was developed that made assembly a simpler task together with some unique features that make using and maintaining the chicken houses easier.
Other items within our range include:Rabbit Hutches, Dog Kennels and Field Shelters, plus a number of bespoke items built to customer specification and certain modifications, where possible, to standard models.

​British Made Products for British Conditions.

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Littleacre Products

Tel: 01543 481312 - Catalogue Requests
Tel: 01827 215697 - Sales & General Enquiries
Mobile: 07973 492319

email: sales@littleacreproducts.co.uk

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Monday - Friday 09.00 - 17.00

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